Jim Jordan grew up living by the old TAG railway yards in Chattanooga, Tennessee. His early interest in locomotives began as a youngster as he traveled to Texas on scenic train trips to visit relatives.

From early childhood, Jim began to take his love for trains and turn them into sketches. Eventually, he discovered he had a natural talent for art and great detail.

In the early 1980’s, Jim released his first of many complex and intricate train compositions. For over 20 years, there have been a wide variety of pieces to come out of the Jordan Artworks Studio. From nostalgic steam, electric, and diesel engines to historic depots and crossings, Jim has a unique talent to detail that brings his pieces to life.

He has also ventured into other subjects besides trains. His collection also includes, Fire art, Coca-Cola memorabilia and Harley Davidson motorcycles. Future works will include a series of Corvette and historical automobiles.

He currently resides in Chattanooga , Tennessee with his wife, Bev and dogs, Gabe and Rocky. He has two children, Chris and Debbie and eight grandchildren. When he is not painting, he can often be found riding his Harley, playing jazz or wrestling with Gabe and Rocky.